What Was Socrates Formal Education?

Due to his lowly social status as a young man, Socrates had little to no formal schooling. Like his father, he was educated as a stone mason.

Similarly, What did Socrates study?

In his childhood, he studied music, gymnastics, and grammar (all usual disciplines for a young Greek) and followed in his father’s footsteps as a sculptor. Tradition says he was a gifted artist, and his statue of the Graces, which stands on the route to the Acropolis, was acclaimed far into the 2nd century CE.

Also, it is asked, What is Socrates contribution to education?

The application of the Socratic Method is perhaps his greatest contribution to education. The instructor may use this strategy to help the student strengthen his reasoning skills and enhance his own.

Secondly, What was Socrates profession?


Also, What is knowledge according to Socrates?

According to Stumpf and Fieser, “knowledge and virtue were the same things” according to Socrates. For him, ‘knowledge’ is nothing more than a notion or a fact that has global appeal in the manner it (a specific concept) exists across the globe, with a built-in obligation to do or bring good to the existent

People also ask, What is Socrates best known for?

Socrates’ most significant contribution to Western philosophy was his Socratic approach for debating a point, which he applied to a variety of topics including truth and justice.

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Did Socrates write books?

Socrates’ Wise Words: 420+ Socratic Quotes 100 Socratic Quotes: Great Philosophers and Their Inspiring Thoughts Ancient Philosophy Quotes (1905600) Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates are three of the most famous Greek philosophers.

What language did Socrates speak?

Greek antiquity Languages / Socrates From roughly 1500 BC to 300 BC, ancient Greek included all varieties of the Greek language spoken in ancient Greece and the ancient world. It’s usually separated into the following time periods: Mycenaean Greek, the Dark Ages, the Archaic era, and the Classical period are all periods in Greek history. Wikipedia

Who came first Socrates or Jesus?

So, who were Socrates and Jesus, and what was their relationship? Socrates lived 800 miles away from Jesus, four centuries before him and twice as long as him. Socrates was seventy years old when he died in a jail cell in Athens in 399 BC.

What are the 4 main ideas of Socrates?

Though Socrates often admitted to being ignorant about many of the (mostly ethical) themes he researched (e.g., the nature of piety), he did have some beliefs, notably that: (1) human knowledge starts with the awareness of one’s own ignorance; (2) the unexamined life is not.

What kind of knowledge did Socrates think was the best?

Socrates felt that although knowledge is the most precious thing in life, it is better to seek information and be aware of your own ignorance than to claim wisdom that you do not have.

Why was Socrates considered the wisest?

He was Athens’ smartest man because he was the only one willing to recognize his lack of knowledge rather than pretend to know something he didn’t.

Who is the first philosopher of education?


Who is the greatest philosopher of education?

Plato, marble portrait bust, from a 4th century bce original at Rome’s Capitoline Museums. Aristotle, Plato’s pupil, believed that the primary goal of education was to cultivate excellent judgment or wisdom, but he was more hopeful than Plato about the average student’s potential to accomplish it.

Who are the 6 philosophers of education?

It’s also conceivable for a teacher to mix two ideologies that they believe better align with their values. Perennialism, essentialism, behaviorism, progressivism, reconstructionism, and existentialism are the six major schools of educational philosophy.

Who was Socrates most famous student?

Socrates did not leave any writings, and the majority of what we know about him and his teachings comes from Plato’s dialogues (427-347 B.C.) and Xenophon’s memoirs.

What type of teacher was Socrates?

Socrates was a natural teacher who had the ability to arouse ravenous curiosity while also acting as a watchdog for the powers that be. Many people objected to his teaching approach of asking questions.

What philosopher never wrote down a word?

Socrates, unlike other philosophers of his day and ours, never wrote anything down, preferring instead to live simply and question the common beliefs and popular attitudes of people in his hometown of Athens.

What was Socrates most famous book?

Socrates’ Wise Words: 420+ Socratic Quotes 100 Socratic Quotes: Great Philosophers and Their Inspiring Thoughts Ancient Philosophy Quotes (1905600) Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates are three of the most famous Greek philosophers.

Does Socrates believe in God?

Socrates believes in God as well, although his view differs significantly from that of the average Athenians. While the Athenians saw gods as humanoid and perplexing, Socrates sees god as absolutely nice and knowledgeable. His deity is morally logical. His deity serves a role as well.

Who drank hemlock?

Socrates was a Greek philosopher.

What are the three golden words of Socrates?

SOCRATES: Well, if we can’t grasp the good in a single form, we’ll have to grab hold of it in three: beauty, proportion, and truth.

Is Latin a dead language?

Latin, like Sanskrit and Ancient Greek, does not have native speakers, making it a “Dead Language.” Latin, on the other hand, had such a strong presence in European and Western science, medicine, and literature that it is unlikely to be regarded as a “Extinct Language.”

What do Socrates and Jesus have in common?

Both Jesus and Socrates attracted followers who wanted to learn from their wisdom and expertise. Jesus, like Socrates, was known for going against the grain of his culture. This includes allowing labor on the Sabbath and allowing the unfaithful woman to be spared.

What day is Jesus’s birthday?

The celebration of Christ’s birth spread from Rome to other Christian communities in the west and east, and by December 25, most Christians were commemorating Christ’s birth.

What BC means?

prior to the birth of Christ

What is the source of knowledge of Socrates?

The texts produced by Plato, the greatest of Socrates’ numerous pupils, are the basis of our knowledge about Socrates, according to the passage. Plato produced a number of works, some of which have lasted the centuries. These books are where we learn about Socrates.

How smart was Socrates?

He is usually considered as one of history’s smartest men. We don’t know much about his life. He left no written evidence, and the most of what we know about him comes from conversations with his most renowned pupil, Plato, and Xenophon’s memoirs.


Socrates was a philosopher who had a lot of influence on the Western world. He is known for his theory of Forms. His formal education consisted of studying philosophy, mathematics, and music.

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