What Is Outcomes Based Education?

Similarly, What is the meaning of outcome-based education?

Outcome-based education (OBE) is a kind of education in which the focus is on a clearly stated understanding of what students should know and be able to accomplish when they leave school, i.e., what skills and knowledge they should have.

Also, it is asked, What is the meaning of outcomes based?

Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational paradigm in which each component of an educational system is built around a set of objectives (outcomes). Each student should have accomplished the objective at the conclusion of the educational session.

Secondly, What is the main goal of outcome-based education?

Outcome-based education rejects the conventional emphasis on what the school gives to pupils in favor of requiring students to show that they “know and can accomplish” whatever the needed outputs are. The emphasis of OBE reforms is on establishing explicit criteria for visible, quantifiable results.

Also, What are the benefits of Outcome-Based Education?

Students’ Benefits of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Ensures that both instructors and students are on the same page. Every kid has the ability to study in their own unique manner. Learning may be done in a variety of ways. Because each student has a separate goal, it prevents pupils from comparing themselves.

People also ask, What are the components of Outcome-Based Education?

OBE is divided into four primary sections: (1) curriculum design, (2) teaching and learning techniques, (3) assessment, and (4) continuous quality improvement (CQI) and monitoring.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the difference between OBE and traditional education?

TRADITIONAL VS. MODERN EDUCATION BASED ON OBE Traditional education places much more emphasis on what professors teach as input than on what students learn as consequence. OBE, on the other hand, stresses a learner-centered approach to self-learning.

What are the teachers roles in an outcome based classroom?

Outcome-Based Learning emphasizes teachers as facilitators rather than lecturers in outcome-based education. Teachers use scaffolded and hands-on activities to help students through learning in this approach, which supports student engagement with new content and encourages the application of emerging knowledge and skills.

What is the focus of OBE classroom instruction?

It is largely concerned with what students’ final skills will be after they graduate. Curriculum and assessment are centered on higher-order exit outcomes.

What is Outcomes Based Education in the Philippines?

OBE is the educational system that prepares students to reach the greatest professional requirements. These requirements are included into program results, competences, and instructional goals and objectives.

Is Outcome-Based Education effective?

The findings revealed that OBE techniques promote knowledge acquisition competence in terms of better final course grades and cognitive abilities, improved clinical skills and nursing core competencies, and higher behavioural skills scores when executing clinical skills.

What are the key issues in Outcome-Based Education?

Here are the four key problems you’ll face if you do the following: Model of outcome-based education. Curriculum development. There are several problems in developing an acceptable curriculum for an OBE program. Analyzing the Pattern of Assessment. Keeping track of student records. Examining the Student Database

How OBE help every teacher?

OBESITY BENEFITS The emphasis on outcomes establishes a clear understanding of what must be completed at the conclusion of the course. Students will learn what is required of them, and instructors will know what they must teach during the course.

What are the learners responsibilities in learning through OBE?

Learners take charge of their own education and are motivated by positive feedback and validation of their value. The goal of OBE is to improve the learners’ knowledge and abilities.

What is the difference between standard based curriculum and outcome based curriculum?

The Standard Based Curriculum is organized around a more material framework, in which students have direct access to resources in order to reason and extract knowledge at their own speed. Objective-based education is more structured, with students being taught with the goal of reaching a specified outcome in their classes.

Why OBE is important in the Philippines?

Conclusion: The objective of the OBE is to link education with genuine job opportunities. Higher education institutions in the Philippines are urged to apply OBE not only to be competitive locally and internationally, but also to strive towards transformational education.

What do you think are the advantages of outcome-based education as compared to the traditional assessment?

Clarity. Because all learning goals in an outcomes-based education approach are explicitly stated ahead of time, students know what to anticipate and may better adapt their attention and inquiries.

What is the impact of OBE in the curriculum implementation?

Learning OBE helps teachers and students think critically and achieve to their full potential. OBE improves the curriculum by serving as a guide for all teachers; it is a results-oriented education.

What are the challenges of outcomes based assessment?

Obstacles to Participating in the Process The typical barriers to participating in outcomes-based assessment, according to the participants in this research, are (a) time, (b) resources, and (c) assessment comprehension.

What are the questions to be addressed by the teachers in Outcomes Based Education?

The experts on our mentor panel have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding outcome-based education. What does OBE mean in terms of psychology? What is the minimum number of COs required for a course? Is it necessary to utilize Bloom’s Taxonomy when determining outcomes? What is the best way to assess CO for activities?

Why was OBE not successful?

Unfortunately, OBE was implemented without any modifications to adapt it to local circumstances, and as a result, it failed. Reading, writing, and arithmetic, the three essential pillars of education, have largely gone by the wayside.

What kind of assessment approach is used in outcome based education?

The assessment method must be connected with the learning goals in order to be result based. This implies it should aid learners’ development (formative assessment) and confirm the accomplishment of the desired learning goals at the conclusion of the procedure (summative assessment).

When did outcome based education start?

The Council of Education Ministers (CEM) decided in 1997 to replace the previous apartheid curriculum in the General and Further Education and Training bands with a new Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) curriculum. In 1998, General Education and Training (GET) implemented a new curriculum.

What is outcome based education in PNG?

Three concepts underlie outcomes-based education: all children can learn and achieve, but not all at the same time or in the same manner. 3rd page DWU Research Journal Vol. 5 November 2006 47 Contemporary PNG Studies Learning that is successful leads to additional learning that is successful. Schools (and instructors) are in charge of the.

What are the disadvantages of outcomes based assessment?

Criticism of Outcome-based Measurement Education Testing is opposed. Existing assessments, according to critics, do not sufficiently evaluate student mastery of stated goals. Inappropriate results. There is no proof that OBE works. Instructors and educational institutions are under additional strain. Something that isn’t OBE is disliked.


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Outcome-based education is a type of education that focuses on the outcomes students will achieve, rather than the process they go through to get them. This can be achieved by using assessments and feedback to determine if students are meeting their goals. Reference: what are the characteristics of outcome-based education.

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